Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Starting over with some good training

I made the decision to start a new trading blog. A new day and a new way. I believe I was led though divine intervention to the stock trading room of The Stock Whisperer.

For discloser I've paid for a 12 month membership.

The purpose of my new blog will be to show my progress over this next year. If you are to look at the Profitly board on the side bar all trades from the "F" Ford Motor Company on are call outs in the morning briefing, or trades that I am using her teachings to find.

This morning call was GDX bullish > $25.50

I entered first trade above the .50 level at .62.

Should have waited for the pullback to the .50 level so that my stop would have been at .46 and a loss smaller then what it turned out to be. I also could have waited to enter at the .80 level above with a stop lower at .74

First trade (-) with my stop still to far away.
The rule is .04 stop loss.
Second trade I waited and when back in at .51.
She hung out at the .61 level for a long time and trade closed for (-) at .46
Recap: Should have taken what she was giving at the time.

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